Setting up Your Email in Outlook Express


1.              1.              Open Outlook Express.

2.              2.              Go to the Tools menu.



3.              3.              Select the Accounts option.


4.              4.              On the Internet Accounts menu, select the Mail tab.

5.              5.              Select the Add button.



6.              6.              Select the Mail Option.



7.              7.              The Internet Connection Wizard will start.

a.       a.       Your Name

                                                               i.                                                                     i.      Enter your name


b.  b.  Internet E-Mail Address

                                                        i.                                                              i.      Enter your email address



c.  c.  Email Server Names

                                                        i.                                                              i.      Enter your Incoming Mail Server

                                                   ii.                                                         ii.      Enter your Outgoing Mail Server



d.  d.  Internet Mail Logon

                                                        i.                                                              i.      Enter your Username

                                                   ii.                                                         ii.      Enter your Password



e.  e.  Finish

                                                        i.                                                              i.      Click the Finish button


8.              8.              Close the program and reopen it.

9.              9.              Click the Send/ Receive button to begin getting email from the new account.